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Again Q Disposable Kit

Again Daymax Disposable Basic information Battery: 1200 mAh Nicotine level: 2 mg There are up to 10 scents.
  1. Strawberry Shake: Strawberry milkshake, fragrant, sweet, cool, also very refreshing
  2. Rose & Lychee: Lychee scent, sweet, sour, cool, refreshing, and also juicy
  3. Grape & Aloe: white grape combined with fragrant aloe vera Sweet, cool, refreshing, this scent is very deep. Who likes grape jelly mixed with aloe vera pulp? so Don't miss it
  4. Pomelo Tea: It is a Lipton tea scent, sweet, cool, also slightly sour, very delicious
  5. Pina Colada: It is a fragrant cocktail, pineapple, coconut, fragrant, cool, sweet and also refreshing.
  6. Blueberry: Blueberry, fragrant, dark, cool. It is refreshing, giving me a feeling like chewing Lotte gum, cool and also satisfying.
  7. Double Apple: This one is Sugus. Including apples that are fragrant, sweet, cool and also very satisfying.
  8. Peach & Mango: Peach is very fragrant, comes with mango, fragrant, sweet, cold and also which go perfectly together.
  9. OMG: Mixed Fruit Flavor It's made out very sharp, sweet and sour, both orange, guava, mango, cool & also very refreshing.
  10. KVASS: It's a very rare smell to smoke. It's a Russian drink. that fermented black bread so The taste will be like a cold beer.