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Efest SLIM K4 Charger

Superior craftsmanship is evidenced by springs made of piano wire; steel cathode with low resistance and hard chromium plating to achieve a more precise charging voltage; and 15,000+ spring testing for quality assurance. Six protection levels : 1. Short Circuit protection 2. Automatic over-charging 3. Automatic over-discharging 4. Reverse polarity 5. OV activation recovery function 6.  Hardware and software double protection Features: 1. Fast charging mode: 1.0A (4.2V 2pcs x 1.0A) 2. Install a 3.6V or 3.7V lithium battery in another size 3. Reverse polarity protection 4. Activation function 5. Automatic detection function charging 6. Overcharge protection 7. Short circuit protection